In this discussion, Bryan Dik (see bio below) examines how Christian colleges have many opportunities to teach students about how they may use their gifts to advance the kingdom throughout their careers. What strategies should faculty and staff use to help students discern and live out their callings? How can cutting-edge research in career development in general and a sense of calling in particular inform these efforts? This session explores the meanings of calling and vocation, explores the intersection of psychological science and Biblical teaching related to these topics, and offers some strategies for helping students overcome obstacles that can disrupt their pursuit of God’s plan for their careers.

Bryan Dik is associate professor of psychology at Colorado State University and cofounder of jobZology, a company that uses psychological assessment to bring job-seekers and organizations together in ways that help both thrive. His research is primarily in the area of career development, especially perceptions of work as a calling, and meaning, purpose, religion and spirituality in career decision-making and planning. He has published or presented more than 140 papers and has served on editorial boards for six research journals. He is co-author of Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work, and is co-editor of two other books: Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace and Psychology of Religion and Workplace Spirituality.

This Table Talk is from the Christian Reflections on Human Flourishing series.


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