Concern for the environment and the stewardship of the created order is a topic which has become increasingly important, and at times divisive, among evangelicals in recent years.  Our view of creation also has tremendous theological significance. The doctrine of creation serves as a dividing line between Eastern and Western religions and also is essential in differentiating Christianity from various forms of early Gnostic heresies. Garry’s background in theology and philosopohy and Rafe’s background in biology make them uniquely qualified to address this issue.

This Table Talk is from the Christianity and Science series.


An article Garry has written discussing evangelicalism and the environment.

Rafe has an excellent bibliography of some important books and articles on creation care.

Some other articles that might be of interest:

Lynn White, Jr., “The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis,” Science 155 (1967) 1203-7.

Douglas J. Moo, “Nature in the New Creation: New Testament Eschatology and the Environment,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 49 (2006) 449-88.

Richard Bauckham, “Joining creation’s praise of God”,  Ecotheology 7 no 1 Jl 2002, p 45-59.

Two websites that you might want to check out that offer different viewpoints, particularly on the issue of global warming:

The Cornwall Alliance

Evangelical Environmental Alliance


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