A theological imagination for every sphere of life.

An integrated faith is a faith that is at home in every aspect of human life. It is not confined to a time slot on Sunday mornings, nor is it confined in a church building. It is not restricted to “spiritual” activities like bible study, prayer, and preaching, but also includes our work, our leisure, and our relationships. It includes business and the arts as well as technology and the hard sciences. It transforms not just individuals, but also cultures. An integrated faith is a faith for all of life.

An integrated faith rests on the firm conviction that Jesus is both maker and master of all of creation. No created thing is fully understood until it is understood as an object of his crafting; no artifact of human culture is well-formed until it is formed to serve His purposes; no human soul is at rest until it finds its rest in Him.

An integrated faith emerges from an ongoing conversation between theology and the best of human learning. The mind of God is revealed in two books—the book of nature and the book of Scripture.

The Christian who hopes to know the mind of God must read and study both books, and then integrate the knowledge from these two sources into a unified, holistic view of the world and a comprehensive vision for human culture.

An integrated faith is the calling of every disciple of Jesus. It is not merely the task of the university or the calling of a scholar. Every person is appointed a calling which engages the world for the love of neighbor and the glory of God, to honor Christ as King in every sphere of human endeavor and every aspect of creation.

Theology must not just be believed, it must be lived. And the rigor of this task requires a rather robust theological imagination for every sphere of life.

The resources you'll find here aim to help you in this task.

How Can We Help?

The integration of faith and learning is hot right now, it’s experiencing a sort of renaissance. Organizations and institutions of all stripes are strengthening the people under their care and within their reach by infusing faith into all aspects of their mission.

But just how does integration happen? This is where difficulties arise and differences lie. It is a real challenge to foster substantive Christian engagement that touches on every facet of creation and culture in the day to day of life.

We suggest the challenge is addressed by learning to foster a vibrant theological imagination and join in a conversation between God’s Word and his world.

We’ll help you foster thinking and culture-making that is both creative and faithful, and provide models and mentors who integrate the historic, Christian faith with the best of human learning. And we’ll encourage you to discover and champion the theology embedded in daily life.

What Do We Provide?

  • Curated and created videos, articles, and podcast episodes
  • Coaching and Training
  • Consultation on program development and customized curriculum
  • The Winsome Conviction Podcast
  • Online Courses (coming soon)

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