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Biweekly podcast on cultivating conviction, civility, and compassion in disagreement.

The Winsome Conviction Podcast.

A podcast for learning how to deepen conviction without dividing communities.

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The Reader goes out monthly and contains 5 resources to help you think integratively through topics of interest, facilitate learning on integration for others, and to supplement education (e.g. classes, seminars, workshops, coaching discussions) with tools that foster the integration of faith and learning.

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We read, a lot. And we read across a variety of disciplines. Let us present you with some well-thought reading, viewing, and listening on integration that is classic (in terms of enduring) and contemporary (in terms of timely). We only recommend what we think is worthwhile, so let us help you cut through the noise.


We also practice doing the integration of faith and learning in the classroom, boardroom, hospital wing, pulpit, concert hall, on the gridiron, and in the lab. We pass along our field notes, we share what's in the toolbox - stuff we're finding helpful for doing integration in a variety of contexts and environments.


We're about thriving, seeking to flourish in every sphere of life. We think that fostering a theological imagination and integrating faith and learning play a vital role in this. The resources we recommend are ultimately meant to help you thrive and to champion integration with others.

Office for the Integration of Faith & Learning

Biola University

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