Training videos for teachers and students

to do the integration of faith and learning

iFLIPs: The Conversational Model Overview

iFLIPs: The Conversational Model How To's

iFLIPs: The Conversational Model: Topics

iFLIPs: The Concept of Revelation

iFLIPs: General & Special Revelation

iFLIPs: General Revelation and Modern Science

iFLIPs: Mathematics and Limits of Knowledge

iFLIPs: What Mathematics Tells Us About Truth

iFLIPs: Minding the Gap

iFLIPs: Spiritual Life in the Classroom

iFLIPs: Technology in the Classroom

iFLIPs: Kingdom and Culture

iFLIPs: Failed Models of Integration

iFLIPs: Integration and STEM

iFLIPs: "Big Science" in the Classroom

iFLIPs: Keeping Wonder in Science

iFLIPs: Case Study in Art, Faith, & Complexity

iFLIPs: Case Study in "Social Justice Art"

Office for the Integration of Faith & Learning

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