A Theological Imagination in Every Sphere of Life

The Arts

Coming to Know the World Through Touch

Arts as Theological Medium

Poetry, Creativity & Theological Imagination

All Art is Prophetic

Key Values in the Disney Universe

Contemporary Art & Loving Thy Neighbor


A New Philosophy of Clothes

God Loves Cabinets

Can a tech firm operate like a monastery?

Swimsuits, modesty, and freedom

God's Word works at all levels of finance

Leather goods, coffins, and the gospel

Human Flourishing

Should you quit social media?

Lessons from the longest study on Happiness

Does Suffering Contribute to Flourishing?

Can Psychology Be Christian?

The power of musical storytelling

The danger of a Single Story


Can chemistry explain information in DNA?

Can Science and Theology work harmoniously?

Affective computing, privacy, and health

4 Steps to Changing Your Brain for Good

Human Thinking & The Divided Brain

Evolution's ability to produce new functions


Finding God outside the church

The Gospel of The Kingdom

What Christians can learn from The Mall

Vocation between Academia and the Church

Going to Church in Virtual Reality

Christianity, Creativity and Cultural Power


Angela Duckworth on grit in the classroom

Engineering Success for Every Student

Christian Education for the Whole Person

History of Great Books Education in America

Carol Dweck on "growth mindset"

How to Help Young People Fulfill Their Potential

Office for the Integration of Faith & Learning

Biola University

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