Table Talks

Faculty presentations that model integration in various academic disciplines

An Evangelical Embrace of the Humanities

Nietzsche and the Liberal Arts

St. Augustine and the Liberal Arts

What Is a University For?

 Perspectives on CRT with David French

The Fraying Fabric of our Democracy: A Conversation with David French

Professor Christopher Watkin on the influence of Michel Foucault

Professor Daniel Dreisbach on Thomas Jefferson's "Wall of Separation"

Immigration and ethics of the love commands

Inviting Others into Our Narrative

Creation Care & Stewarding the Environment

Humility as a Virtue in the Western tradition

Perspective-taking with Colleagues

Cultural Humility in Christian Higher Education

Diversity of Thought in a Faith-based Institution

The Mission of the University

Faith and Academics in Higher Education

Strategies for Cultivating Students' Callings

Incarnation and Embodiment (Part 2)

Incarnation and Embodiment (Part 1)

What is the Nature of the Human Person?

Suffering and Human Flourishing

Mind, Brain & Neuroplasticity

The Bible, Neurobiology, and the Soul

Islam and American Evangelicalism

The Anabaptist Option for Political Engagement

The Hebrew Bible and Migration

Religion in American Politics

Race and the American Justice System

Spiritual Maturity and Human Flourishing

Intellectual Virtues in Christian Education

Communicating in Adversarial Environments

Perspectives on Marriage & Social Policy

Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality

Origins & Current Research in Sexual Orientation

My Life as a Filmmaker of Asian Descent

The Creative Process in Creating Music

Dorothy Sayers: Wordsmith who does theology

Cities as Sacred Spaces

Introduction to G.K. Chesterton

Tolkien and the meaning of Mythology

Creativity is Integral to Being Human

Examining Postmodern Sacred Space

The task of Imagination for doing Theology

Creation and Human Origins

The God Who Speaks (Part 2)

The God Who Speaks (Part 1)

Office for the Integration of Faith & Learning

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